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Featured Articles

  • A Worthwhile Investment: A Lack of Oversight on Safety Issues Can Cost You Millions in Damages if Students are Hurt

    Published in American School Board Journal, December 2009. Download PDF

  • Five Tips for Parents When Your Child Is Being Bullied

    Published in Self Published, June, 2010. Download PDF

  • How to Work with Your Principal

    Published in Our Children: The National PTA Magazine, November 2010. Download PDF

  • Setting the Boundaries: Sexual Harassment in Schools

    Published in The School Administrator, December 2006. Download PDF

  • Understanding Liability in School Cases

    Published in Self-Published, September, 2010. Download PDF

  • What Can You Do to Recognize the Signs That Could Result in Your Students Being Hurt? The Red Flag

    Published in American School Board Journal, December, 2008. Download PDF

Case of the Week

New Jersey’s governor signs anti-bullying legislation into law

2011-01-13 Bullying - Governor Christie has signed the state’s latest anti-bullying legislation into law, reports the Star-Ledger, which advocates tout as the toughest in the nation. Garden State Equality Chairman Steven Goldstein said, “Gov. Christie signed a law that is so different and so much better than anti-bullying laws that exist elsewhere across the country, that it’s stunning.” The “Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights” is intended to eliminate loopholes in the state’s first anti-bullying law, enacted in 2002, that encouraged school districts to set up programs to combat bullying but did not mandate it.

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Education Expert

Dr. Edward Dragan
Dr. Edward Dragan
Education Expert

Education expert services for attorneys, schools and parents. Areas of education expert services include bullying, sexual harassment, school accidents, school administration, school security, school evaluation in custody matters and special education.

Dr. Dragan provides education expert consultation for high-profile and complicated cases. As an educator and administrator, he has more than 35 years’ experience as a teacher, principal, superintendent and director of special education. He also has served as a state department of education official.

Dr. Dragan has a doctorate in Education Administration from Rutgers University, a master’s in Education Law from the University of New Hampshire School of Law and a master’s in Special Education from The College of New Jersey. He is a Certified School Administrator and is the author of The Bully Action Guide: How to Help Your Child and How to Get Your School to Listen. (Available at

As a sought-after authority on school safety and education law, Dr. Dragan has presented at more than 80 events internationally and has been interviewed as an education expert on national and local television programs, including NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, The Fox Morning Show, PBS’s One on One and Court TV.

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NBC logoNBC's New York Nonstop with Chuck Scarborough
discusses school bullying with Dr. Dragan.
March 26, 2010


For Attorneys

Expert services for school and education-related litigation

Education expert witness services provided from case inception through resolution. File review and analysis, expert reports, deposition and trial testimony. Standards of professional care, school accidents, bullying, sexual harassment, wrongful death, child custody matters, hiring, training and supervision and special education. Read more about education expert services for attorneys.

Read more about education expert services for attorneys.

For Schools

Liability and management assessments for schools

School law, management and special education training for school administrators and boards of education. Consultation to prevent bullying, sexual harassment and student injury. Read more about education expert services for schools.

Read more about education expert services for schools.

For Parents

Education expert services for parents

Consultation for matters concerning the education of children including bullying, harassment, safety, special education, and student and parent rights. Read more about education expert services for parents and individuals.

Read more about education expert services for individuals and parents.

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